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It has been two and half years since the original article  '12 tools to check your sites accessibility' was posted by SitePoint (see below).  Not much has changed...the tools may have just gotten better or have disappeared entirely.


Every website should offer 'equal access to information', regardless of disability -- that is what accessibility is really about.  Using semantically structured HTML coding (a webpage's 'foundation') and Cascading Style Sheets (a webpage's 'curb appeal') will ensure that a webpage is not only accessible to everyone, but will be easily adapted to accommodate emerging technologies and web standards. 


Your first goal should always be to ensure that your webpage is built using industry standards.  And, that it is open to business to everyone.  W3C - Web Design and Applications:


Step 1: Tools to validate your webpage's foundation and curb appeal:


Step 2:  Web Accessibility/Usability Tools


Step 3: Need clarification?

Additional tools discussed in SitePoint's original article include:


Original article:

"When you design any web site, one of your first goals is to make sure you get as many visitors as you can, but have you checked the true accessibility of your site? Can a color blind person read it? Are all of your scripts cooperating? Your colors may look nice together, but is the contrast different enough that it is all legible?  Well, those questions are exactly what these 12 tools are designed to help you answer, and it certainly may never be a bad idea to run more than one to make sure they are all telling you the same thing.

One caveat to this list, while these tools are helpful and will help you spot some problems, never trust them to be the ultimate authority, but more of a starting point on your road to the smoothest running site you can build." -- by Sean P Aune

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