Census 2011 leads on-line revolution for 30 million households PDF Print E-mail

Published by: 24Dash.com

Date: April 27, 2009

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"The 2011 Census for England and Wales will be driven by an online revolution aimed at ensuring that the entire population has the information it needs to fill out the forms accurately and in time for the deadline.

The 4,000 page Census 2011 Website will be designed and implemented by WTG, a recognised innovator in the delivery of web solutions to government and commercial enterprises.

WTG will be responsible for the design and information architecture for the website and online census form as well as a Web Self-Help facility which will be the critical way to access information on how to fill-in the 20 page-plus Census form. With over 30 million households required to fill in the form over a designated three-day period in 2011, the Census Website itself will be a critical first point of contact for many looking for information on how to complete the form...."


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