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Published by: BBC Internet Blog

Date: April 27, 2009

Author: Seetha Kumar


"...Thirdly and no less important : we will develop our services and work with our partners to make online services as accessible and attractive as possible to a wide audience, to communicate the benefits and to give people a reason to get online.

Accessibility is not an optional extra. We'll continue to improve our services to make them even more accessible, regardless of ability or disability. I'm talking here in terms of giving the user more control of display features such as font sizes, page layout, contrast and colour, The BBC has led the way in terms of accessible web pages - you can set all this up for yourselves from the accessibility link in the top left corner of the BBC's homepage.

What we will also do is explore what more can be done such as:

- Developing new content and products unique to broadband that could encourage people to get online

- Supporting new internet users with advice on navigating the web

- Using our TV and radio programmes to drive interest in what the BBC and others already offer online.

- Using developing platforms such as mobile and broadband-connected television (IPTV) as a means of getting internet content without needing a PC."

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