Designing Websites with ADA Web Standards PDF Print E-mail

Published by: Pacific University Oregon

Date: April 16, 2009

Author: Sara Yurkowski

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"In this Information era the general public considers the Internet as a visual media.  Sight, sound and interaction are common themes in websites, but what if you have a disability limiting your access and use of this media and its resources?  Currently the U.S. Government has three laws that protect the disabled from Internet discrimination; The Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, and Section 508.  "In Fiscal Year 2008, EEOC received 19,453 charges of disability discrimination. EEOC resolved 15,708 disability discrimination charges in FY 2008 and recovered $57.2 million in monetary benefits for plaintiffs and other aggrieved individuals (".  How do you design for accessibility to allow disabled individuals to fully experience the Internet and its resources?  Directed at those in Marketing, Education, Law, and Web Design, this presentation will demonstrate how a website can be built to accommodate ADA Web Standards, why they are in place, and who they apply to..."

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