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"Published, but is Pending" Problem is Fixed Easily!


Joomla's "Published, but is Pending" problem hit me too.  I wasn't able to find a solution at first that I could handle easily and quickly.  I found 'solutions' to the problem, but they suggested that I needed a better understanding of the CMS system.  Actually, they might have been right! ... I'm a new user of Joomla! 1.5 and needed an answer right away (ASAP!).  The 'solutions' weren't written easily for me to comprehend when I was under pressure to publish an article back on the homepage that seemingly 'disappeared'.


Why "Published, but is Pending" became a problem for existing webpages?

The problem occurs when you, or an authorized person, makes edits to an existing document that for all purposes was viewable on the website previsouly.  When the document is saved with the edits, the document appears to have disappeared from its orginal placement.


Resolution to fixing "Published, but is Pending".

  1. Log on as Administrator
  2. Select: Content >> Article Manager
  3. Using 'Filter:' - type in the name of the article, press 'Go'
  4. Select the article by clicking on it to edit it.
  5. Select: Parameters (Article)
  6. Review the Created Date: and the Start Publishing: dates
  7. They should be the same!
  8. Save and the article should now be viewable on your website.


Chances are, since you are here reading this..., you will need to adjust the date so that both match.  

"Published, but is Pending" problem is really a good thing!

If you are using the interface as a user who is registered with a password and privilege to add, edit documents -- you may find that all new/edited documents are always pending.  Although this may appear to be a nuisance, it is really good! ... nothing gets published that someone has come in and changed without your first approving.  So, although this is reported as a problem to most, it really shouldn't be.  If you are the owner of the website, log on as administrator to create your documents, you will not have this problem.




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