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Inserting a Video - Sample:  How to Install Joomla! with

  1. Find a video on YouTube that you want to embed in your article.
  2. YouTube provides the code for you to use - Look for the label EMBED that is displayed directly after the URL entry on the right column.
  3. You can customize by pressing the blue icon on the EMBED entry.
  4. Click -- Include Related Videos.
  5. Copy the EMBED code: CTRL-C
  6. Return to your Joomla content item in your administration panel.
  7. Select: HTML
  8. An HTML Course Editor box will appear.
  9. At the end, or whereever you want to embed the video, press CTRL-V (paste).
  10. Press Update and you are now done -- remember to Save.


How to Install Joomla! with


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