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Jump links do not appear to work in Internet Explorer 6

Resolution to fix:

Extensions >> Template Manager >> beez >> Edit >> Edit CSS >> layout.css >> Edit >> Find: CTRL-F >> u2


Replace: ul li a.u2:focus, p a.u2:active

With:  ul li a.u2:focus, ul li a.u2:active


Resolution from 'little_brain' --

I found what I think may be a bug in the current version of Beez: the "Jump" links don't work in Internet Explorer 6 (XP Home and Win2k). The fix is trivial (change line 70 to ul li a.u2:focus,ul li a.u2:active - by default it incorrectly refers to a p element for the "active" class).

Is there somewhere I can post the "Jump" fix so other people can find it?

Thanks again!"





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