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Published by: CMS Wire

Date: May 11, 2009


"...Website Compliance

As a website compliance solution for multi-site and multi-editor web presences, ASAR automatically scans website pages exposing quality and technical issues ranging from usability rules to user established brand guidelines.

It provides:

  • Brand consistency across multi-site enterprises
  • Easy localization of content by controlling local rules centrally and optimizing brands for every market,
  • Quality and compliance ensuring increased traffic and greater brand loyalty
  • Operating efficiency – ASAR dramatically cuts time spent on quality control and audits and prioritizes workloads and tasks.
  • Fact-based marketing – By assessing the effectiveness of content it allows users to target their marketing drives based on known, rather than guessed information.


Using those checkpoints and standards, ARAS is designed to check every page on a site performing diagnostics at a level and accuracy impossible to achieve manually..."


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