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Date: May 28, 2009


"Denver, CO, May 28, 2009 --( “Throughout our 14-year online presence,” said Randy Weeks, president, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, “the Denver Center has maximized our patron’s online opportunities with cutting edge tools such as online ticketing and print-at-home tickets. This new site not only provides a streamlined user experience, but it also adds depth to each visitor’s pre- and post-show exploration.”

After a national RFP process, Xylem began a 12-month Web site analysis using focus groups and meetings with advisors to the Denver Center, including Board members and trustees. Focus groups, made up of DCPA subscribers and single ticket buyers, helped better understand the ways in which patrons utilize the Web site, while the WCAG provided the necessary features needed to be accessible to all levels of visitors. The result of the fully redesigned and multi-functional Web site immerses the visitor in a whole theatre experience...”

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