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TheLiberal.Com -- "Most of us picture wheelchair ramps and braille when we think of accessibility, but Donna Hardaker knows there are barriers even more difficult to overcome.

Ms Hardaker, a specialist with the Canadian Mental Health Association's York Region branch, joined the region's accessibility advisory committee last year, hoping to bring attention to the barriers facing those with mental illnesses.

"People don't understand that mental illness could be a disability," she said.

At last month's meeting, council approved the 2009 accessibility plan (dubbed "Access-Ability") and as important as it is to remove physical barriers, communication issues and inflexible workplace attitudes can be just as difficult to overcome, Ms Hardaker said.

She speaks from experience, having battled depression and abandoned a dynamic career in the process. "

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Published by: TheLiberal.Com

Author: David Fleischer

Date: June 11, 2009


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