Rwanda: Children And Their Laptops PDF Print E-mail -- "Kigali — The sight that greets you as you walk through Kanombe airport's Bourbon Café is one that is unexpected. What makes afternoons and evenings at the airport interesting is the fact that the coffee shop has become a one stop internet hot spot for both children and adults alike.

...The availability of a wireless network at the airport and other hot spots within the city has made the inquisitive young kids converge to surf, and now that they are more less addicted, a day hardly goes by without them browsing the net.

However, this comes at a cost of Rwf 1000 per hour at Bourbon Café. For the green and white laptop children, parents cater for their expenses or they will have to save from their daily food allowance in order to surf the net during after-school hours. It is only within schools boundaries that wireless internet is readily available..."

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Date: June 12, 2009

By: Gloria I Anyango





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