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My internal microphone was working fine and then just stopped! ... one wonders how this happens in a windows environment, so the finger starts pointing at automatic updates, service packs, etc.  After hours of trying to find new drivers, checking settings, it all came down to windows (Vista in my case) changed my settings and I was unaware of it.  To make it worse when trying to troubleshoot,  going to Control Panel, and checking out my audio/microphone settings, it indicated that everything was working.  But my internal microphone was not working...


More than likely something changed, whether you did it or windows was the culprit. 

My problem came down to I had tried to use an external noise canceling headset/microphone unsuccessfully.  Great for accessibility/usability issues when you are in a noisy environment.  I didn't have a reason to believe that any of my default settings changed when I unplugged the USB device.   A month went by and I needed to use Skype.  That is when I realized that my microphone wasn't working.  I could hear and see everything in my Skype window, but the caller could not hear me.



Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Sound:

Regular (Internal Microphone/Sound) settings -- Set as Default:
  Playback Tab >> Speakers >> Realtek High Definition Audio (NOT Stereo Mix...) -- [or your driver] 
  Recording Tab >> Microphone Realtek High Definition Audio

Headphone/Microphone (External Microphone/Sound) settings -- Set as Default:
  Playback Tab >> Speakers USB Audio Device
  Recording Tab >> Microphone USB Audio Device >

Remember to swith them back when you no longer want to use your external headset!


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