How Accessibility Is Important To Any Website Design By The Crear Group PDF Print E-mail -- According to the Creare Group, "Over recent years the Internet has become one of the most used sources for research of products and services. In fact 60% of people use the Internet to find a local business service and a further 60% go on to use a service they have found online.

However, there are drawbacks that many web design companies have yet to face. There is a large amount of people that suffer from a range of disorders including colour blindness, hearing problems and no or reduced use of their arms or hands. They find that many web sites do not cater for their needs and therefore become frustrated with certain limitations online.

Colour blindness affects more men than women where on average 3% of the population suffer from this condition. There are different types of colour blindness but all cases need to be considered when developing a web design."

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Date: June 23, 2009




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