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Problem: Tabs jump left and right when selecting a new tab. 


Find the root to your Joomla directory then go to  /plugins/content/plugin_jw_ts/tabs_slides.css

Add to the existing classes in the CSS file the following code after the ... (don't include the ...) Smiley

ul.jwts_tabbernav li {... padding-left:8px !important; margin-left:0 !important;}
ul.jwts_tabbernav li.jwts_tabberinactive {... padding-left:8px !important; margin-left:0 !important;}

If you adjust one of the padding-left; make sure you change the other accordingly as well.


Find the Joomla 'Tabs and Slides' at:

Once you have installed the plugin, it is simple to make tabs in your documents.  Go to where you want to insert a tab, type this:

{tab=My first tab} add some text...

{tab=My second tab} add some text, etc.

And there is one closing 'tab':  {/tabs}

and if you want to make a 'slide':

{slide=my first slide}

Add your text here...


Repeat for each slide...




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