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Web accessibility in reverse! 

Over the years, we have always been told that posting PDF files ONLY is not an accessible way to creating a web site.  Whenever possible, PDF files should always be converted into HTML so that those who do not have the Adobe reader on their user agent (browser, cell phone, blackberry, etc.), or those individuals who are blind and depend on screen reader software can view the content.


But now I find myself in the position where a PDF file of an article is sometimes an added/wanted benefit.  After all, the PDF print feature is supposed to be an option in Joomla and it should work, right?


I've tried off and on for months to find a resolution to get the PDF icon in my Joomla web sites to work.  I was determined to find an answer.  Here it is! ... and it works great in IE 8 too.


PDF Display Fix in Joomla!

This resolution will solve the PDF problem, where when you select the PDF icon in an article, it displays a pop-up window which is empty.   You will need an FTP client to create and grab a file, edit and repost.   The instructions you will find here are great and easy to follow:

Go to Joomla Documentation -- http://docs.joomla.org/PDF_Display_Fix_in_IE7



UPDATE:  Maybe I should not have been so fast in posting.  Print from the PDF icon in Joomla does seem to work, intermittently though.  I can print an article on the home page and maybe one or two more if I'm logged in as a registered member.  I'll figure this out, and get back to everyone as soon as possible. 


If anyone has a suggestion, please log in and post a comment, I'll filter through the comments to see what works the best.  I'd love to hear from you.  I find that when I want an answer to a problem I have to visit several Joomla forums and then peace together the solutions until I find one that works.


PDF Display Fix in Joomla for Plugins (e.g., Jumi)

Once you get your PDF icon to work in your Joomla web site, you may now find that where you are using a plugin, for example Jumi (

Jumi is working but there is nothing to be shown.
Specify the source of the code (first square brackets).
), the content that the plugin is supposed to display doesn't work, just the coding for the plugin is printed to the PDF file. 


There is a simple fix and it involves just adding two lines to have the plugins processed.


Go to php-gtk2 Cookbook for the answer!



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