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Here are some references to get you started, I found the amount of information on the web overwhelming; hopefully you will find what you are looking for:  


Welcome to McTwit


McTwit is a free, open source desktop client for, a popular social networking site.

The program is designed with productivity of keyboard users in mind. Additionally, if the JAWS, System Access, or Window-Eyes screen reader is active, some information is conveyed efficiently through direct speech messages.

McTwit works on almost any version of Windows. Its use of standard controls tends to maximize accessibility. Programmed in a cross-platform language, the source code is also relatively easy for interested developers to port to other operating systems. McTwit's flexible, direct access to Twitter features makes it convenient to explore and communicate interactively. You can select a user either by pointing to a list item or entering a screen name. Get a list of someone's tweets, followers, or leaders with a single keystroke. Go to a related URL, subscribe to tweets, post a public reply, or send a private message quicker and easier then it is currently possible on the web.


Interview with Accessible Twitter creator Dennis Lembree

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Accessible Twitter Logo
 "Accessify recently spoke to founder of Accessible Twitter Dennis Lembree, who is also behind Web Overhauls and web accessibility podcast Web Axe. We wanted to find out more about the background to Accessible Twitter, what prompted it and where it might go next. Here’s what Dennis had to say: ..."

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Item   Twitter Accessibility Problems...

"There are many accessibility problems with Twitter, but by far the biggest issue is having links that can only be activated using a mouse. The links for making a particular tweet a favourite, the links for replying to a particular tweet, and the links to delete a tweet or direct message can only be activated using the mouse on the standard Twitter website. The favourite, reply and delete links are revealed when the user hovers the mouse over a tweet. "

Published by: Juicy Studio

Monday, 12th January 2009

Author: Gez Lemon

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Item  Improving Twitter Accessibility

Focus Twitter Greasemonkey script to help with web accessibility


Item  Twitter Accessibility CSUN Tweetup

Slide Show

by: Jared Smith - WebAIM



Item  Twitter and Accessibility:

"Is it possible to make twitter a screen reader accessible inclusion in a web site? Is it already in an accessible format?
I'm trying to make my site as accessible as possible. "

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