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If you are trying to run FAE , the Functional Accessibility Evaluator 1.1 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign online tool, to evaluate the functional accessibility of your website and you get the message "Unable to create report!", there may be help. With trial and error, I was finally able to run my report successfully.

  • Try running your evaluation selecting the "Include DHTML content" option.
  • If this doesn't help, review your .htaccess file to see if there is an entry for 'badbots' or you are denying domain access to spammers via a blacklist.
  • Try appending a $ to an entry for "DA" -- the DA string matches some validation services because of the “da” string found in the terms “validator”, “validation”, etc. For Example:
    1. RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT}
    2. ...|Custo|cyberalert|DA$|Deweb|...
  • If you are using a Joomla template, get the most current suggested Master .htaccess file from Joomla if you still cannot run the FAE evaluator and get the 'Unable to create report!' message:
    1. Joomla! Documentation:
    2. Search for: Htaccess examples (security)

Hope this helps to save you some researching!


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